Best photos USA road-trip 2013 (English) _

My trip:

Distance covered: 16 200 miles
Motorbike: Honda Rebel 250cc
Time: 61 days, 45 riding days
Average distance per day: 266 (360)


LINK BELOW:  ONLY selected, nice-looking photos…

GALLERY BELOW: 50 photos and comments. All pics arranged by theme:

  • on the road…
  • battlefields,
  • landmarks,
  • books & movies.


Start the music and see…

On the road…

Making my 10.000th mile on ferry next to fort Ticandoroga


Arizona. Old part of the legendary 66 Route


Williams in Arizona, a town at Route 66


Somewwhere in  Canada, I as riding around Lake Superior. The rainbow was great. Cold rain before and after… was the price.


Heating up my lunch on motorbike engine:


Eating Kentucky Fried Chicken combo in first possible spot after entering Kentucky state border
(I had to do it, sorry)


Key West, Florida. Route 1 starting point


Night storm near Tampa, Florida


My friend in his cool jeep. He gave me 2 rides on my way to Arecibo Telescope


A Puertorican and his lizard in San Juan, Puerto Rico


On my way back from Puerto Rico they let me sit in the pilot seat!!! I asked jokingly if they’d let me and the answer was „no problem, jump in!” I guess they never heard about 9/11.

Full moon just next to VLA telescope in New Mexico


I lost my chain not in the middle of nowhere, but… just 30 yards from motorbike store in New York


My friends & saviors of Husaria USA


Salt Flats 80 miles west from Salt Lake City


Texas oil pump



My artillery reenactment group


Sunset after the 1st day of battle @ Gettysburg


On Gettysburg 150th anniversary


Chacellorsville battlefield, route of famous flanking maneuver by gen. Thomas „Stonewall” Jackson


Chancellorsville battlefield, place of surprise attack by „Stonewall” Jackson.
When he saw the enemy after his brilliant surprise maneuver, He said: „We have them exactly where they want to have us”


At HQ of general King’s division, Gettysburg reenactment site.


A cannon @ Saratoga Battlefield Park


Alamo, Alamo!! (The old mission in San Antonio, Texas)


…at Fort Ticadoroga in New York State.


Folding flag ceremony at Fort Ticandoroga


Landmarks (history & nature) …

Fort Morro in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Once this was the Spanish Empire’s gateway to mass robbery and murder in the New World.


Fort Morro @ daytime


Grand Canyon, Arizona.


Harpers Ferry – the famous John Brown incident site.
John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry


Harpers Ferry train station:


A walk on the Hover Dam


The famous Little Big Horn battlefield in Montana, where general Custer got his lesson from those who fought for preserving their way of life.


Monument Valley in Arizona


Riding across Monument Valley…


Yellowstone, the famous Fountain Geyser erupting

Niagara Falls


Alcatraz in San Francisco


Las Vegas… no winnings @ MGM Grand


The Death Valley, California

At Alien craft crash-site museum in Roswell, New Mexico


The White House in Kenya DC, birthplace of the current US president


The Cadet Chapel in West Point Military Academy


Devil’s Tower in Wyoming


Buffalos in Yellowstone National Park


One of geysers in Yellowstone

Books & movies…

and…. The very peak of the whole trip:
The Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico – book: James E. Gunn’s The Listeners:

“Between MacDonald and the sky was a giant dish held aloft by skeleton metal fingersheld high as if to catch the star dust that drifted down at night from the Milky Way. […]
Then the dish began to turn, noiselessly, incredibly, and to tip. And it was not a dish any more but an ear, a-listening ear cupped by the surrounding hills to overhear the whispering universe.
Perhaps this was what kept them at their jobs, MacDonald thought. In spite of all disappointments, in spite of all vain efforts, perhaps it was this massive machinery, as sensitive as their fingertips, which kept them struggling with the unfathomable. When they grew weary at their electronic listening posts, when their eyes grew dim with looking at unrevealing dials and studying uneventful graphs, they could
step outside their concrete cells and renew their dull spirits in communion with the giant mechanism they commanded, the silent, sensing instrument in which the smallest packets of energy, the smallest waves of matter, were detected in their headlong, eternal flight across the universe. It was the stethoscope with which they took the pulse of the all and noted the birth and death of stars, the probe with which, here on an insignificant planet of an undistinguished star on the edge of its galaxy, they explored the infinite. ”

(they were kind enough to let me read the book inside the control room)


The telescope at night:


The VLA telescope in Soccoro, New Mexico (movie: Contact)


The VLA telescope in Soccoro, New Mexico


Florida Keys, the famous Seven Mile Bridge (movie: True Lies)


Walden Pond, the place where the famous Henry David Thoreau lived. (movie Dead Poets Society)


The mother of all Sci-Fi books & movies – Cape Canaveral, where I witnessed a satellite launch and saw the Atlantis Space Shuttle:

Just looking at her was DEADLY INSPIRATIONAL. Any child touching the craft will be working in space industry 20 years later.




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