The this Earth’s paradise – North Korea

From a bird’s perspective, if there is a bird which would dare to violate the North Korea airspace*, it looks like a beautiful jade, glittering in by the sun rising  from the ocean.

(If the above video does not display, then here’s a second location:

Ok, let’s get to the story…
Dear all, this is a land flowing with milk and honey!!
Contrary to the venom of hatred and jealousy of the vicious propaganda of disaster, spitted out by capitalist, Masonic wolves from America, “the hotels, in which I boarded lacked nothing!” – Allow me to use the famous words by G. B. Shaw**.

The Korea is beautiful country inhabited by cheerful and hardworking people who calmly gaze into the bright future. The  concerted effort of children, women and men keeps them in blissful harmony.

Here is an account of a trip to the:

The political situation in the region 

All active involved parties have vital interest to keep the “problem” just as it is.
They keep each other in check, and regularly issue protests, provoke each other from time to time to shootout… and two days later in exceptionally consistent statements  the parties in the climate “may at any time be war” everything is back to normal.

Americans: unification of Korea on any terms mean to them to withdraw not only from Korea, but also Japan. At the same only the beautiful island of Okinawa nests garrison 17 000 Marines – not counting the grip ancillary services. In other words, the occupation continues, although no official Japanese factor does not say it out loud.

China: the adventurous Korea is also on hand: it always unfold against the Americans, and above all do not have the strong competition side, disciplined and who knows how to take care of the interests of the nation combined Korea.

Japan: as long as that does not have its own armed forces – the Americans their weapons. Generally, they prefer divided Korea (big brother tells them to think so! Japan is the capitalist camp, barrack Japanese ha ha ha!), Which does not change even when flying by Korean missile over Japan doing them in parting hairstyle.

South Korea: like how? Will establish a national unity government? Even as Americans allow them to do (and not do it!) Union on equal terms, this means a total refurbishment throughout the country. Integration must either be spread over decades, or not at all.

The differences between the North and the South:


Let alone seriously, civilization and cultural differences are so powerful that it comes only gradually drawing material deprivation midnight. It will cost a colossal money. They have major quarterback: U.S. and China, but as I said – I’m sorry to repeat, but this is important – do not lift a finger to make a difference. South Korea could theoretically would be tempted, but the Americans did not allow.

So for now we can watch the videos on the Internet:

And in the Korean watching local version of the Four armored:


It was a movie that was flying on the TV when our tour reached the hotel.
Kumala nothing of what they said, but the tone was sensational scenes. Our fifties and climate of the Four armored.
A Western feminist female tractor would be proud of the level of equality. Especially to be touched by recognizing how close to their hearts realism of the film … especially the scene as the lady with rifle shooting at the advancing tank platoon. Before she did, she gave a pathetic speech. She beautiful, half-crying voice – something like chant the sermons in the church.
I was deeply moved.

Successful North Korean science

The space program:

This is the pyramid-hotel in the center of the city. Until recently been paved and haunting. Recently, however, Koreans jerked to perform an external facade and the building looks now wyrąbiście. I have no comment. I swear!

In the middle there is still nothing more than reinforced concrete, but it is hoped that it will also soon change.

The line of demarcation …
Here exchanged harsh words, accusations and threatening glances.

Building on the edge of two worlds looks like this:

Between the barracks soldiers stand guard on both sides and look into each others eyes.

It is one of the two connections between North and South Korea. The phrase deliberate: both parties argue that Korea is one, so let them be.

When I asked them fondly, when the border will disappear, replied proudly: “quietly working” and smiled mysteriously. I guess they meant the tunnels under the border, which I wrote:

Dali to ogle minute

… And then doing dangerous mines, ruffling feathers and dangerously silent ordered spierdzielać. Photo taken at the last minute.

They took us to a nearby complex, in which the negotiations were under way for a ceasefire.
The relevant document was signed at this table:

And at the same table fiercely argued:

EPISODE: Visit Potemkin villagewiosce potiomkinowskiej

The road was long and the night, but very interesting.
Virtually all roads are made of concrete slabs. Lack of oil.

Passed on the way the fields were full of crops, which will fill the granaries and bellies of the working people.


Food chandlers population develops according to plan. Whatever it was.
Here is a woman with a goat. Proof that pigs and cattle breeding is flourishing.
And this is presented to us as a house typical. Oh, Polish 70th year.

“The game was good for” one might say. Very modest house and looked from the inside as Polish houses in the 80’s.

I agree with Sir John Maynard, a British expert on agriculture, who traveled to Ukraine in the period of the greatest famine in the 30s of the twentieth century. Upon his return, he has stated that there is no sign of widespread food shortages.
I say the same thing about North Korea. Bida is, but it’s hard work, it can be seen, and the good at. On Google Earth I checked the color of cereals in a place where we drove, and other places not accessible to tourists. Everything looks the same – there is no difference in the color tones of grain, or do not see the run-down and neglected areas of crops. It is a state of today (2012) before he was supposed to hunger.

EPISODE: Nice surprise culinary

Sausages with mustard:

Mustards this already in our capitalist country does not buy it. Acute horizontally until the tears gushing from his eyes. Tears wymiaszane mustard half and half with tears of nostalgia for Brown mustard and Grudziądzka of the communist era. One dzong: Asian custom sausage on a stick. But this is not deceived – yummy!

Canned Sausages just like the Pewex!!

What’s the funniest thing is the range parókowo-cucumber was available in the hotel bar in the city center and café on ichniejszym parade ground. The restaurant which is the equivalent VCTORII in Warsaw at the bar on the 1st floor you could buy jars with tinned ogórami in jars, canned sausages and canned pineapple plasterkwowanym.

Jednago of transported us out of town more than 100 km. We stayed in a government holiday.

Grill with kerosene and mussels during accommodation in a resort not know where


EPISODE: Historic win imperialist spies
January 23 eventful years
hatched … rogue nature of the capitalists.
Memorable year was 1968.

Digression on the warm-up: Joke of the Cold War: a peasant working in a factory prams for Urals decided to be a part of every day in the hall and put together a baby stroller. One day was a pair of tubes, there springs the next day, but when I tried to fold at home, every time you go out a machine gun …

And the whole thing looks like this:

American spy ship the spy quietly, listening missile bases and look for the location of factories prams and tractors.
…. All of a sudden was swept up by the insistent North Korean coastal protection!

… And ended up as a hub attached to the tree to the waterfront in the North Korean capital.

Tricky Americans just remembered in his procederze that Koreans caught them with lowered gaciami. The following custom image startled crew member – a scene caught imperialists acted out the purposes of this blog. Removed from the scene censorship issue abandoned pants – my dedication to the cause of historical reconstruction has its limits.

… And do not let the innocent look fool you, these little yellow devils. They are able to insist! And that’s how!

Koreans firmly stick to the version that spies would give in exchange for your work out.
Wydusili them from the Americans after eleven months! It is this:

American woman had to admit to espionage, to repent and say that it will not be like this because it’s wrong. The Koreans have a beautiful certificate with a stamp and framed. Bilingual like Rosetta Stone.

Again, a small dzong!. Unfortunately, they failed to get the autograph of the President – just had a severe attack of influenza and had to go to the doctor. The document bears only the signature of Major General (Major-General) U.S. Army.
Oh, they had to thank for the humane treatment of prisoners of the crew ***.
It was worth the wait. Ha ha! Korean propaganda film about the entire event watching with great pleasure. Watch it is a point of visiting the unit.

Description of the whole thing on Wikipedia in English here. I think that after the restoration of imperialist spies gave proof of his perfidy, moral decay and lack of respect for one’s own words, which for them does not mean shit. All canceled.

The ship itself has been preserved as a, quote, “a trophy of war.”
To this day, docked in the capital of Korea, takes on board your tour of foreigners and local high school students at all levels.

Ship museum offers additional free attraction – fun with a machine gun. No sad you did not come and say not to touch it. Me and another guy could not even reload, open the zipper and look into the barrel. Ecstasy! Unfortunately, it was impossible to shoot.

EPISODE: I sneak the guards.

It is possible. One of the items on the agenda is a picnic on the hillside.
After the guards graciously allowed for 20 minutes of free time. Sly suggested to climb to the top, at the foot of the’ve found. The eye in one direction is 1.5 hours. Clever. They hoped that no one would not want to move with full Koldun.
And then I … SRUUU! I barely finished talking guide to the trail ran like furniture, swin chasing me.

After going 1 km, it turned out that half the time went. So I went back and shook between densely scattered stands for the barbecue. These positions were occupied by various military groups – groups butchering cards, gobble, drink, play the accordion. as in Russian train on the way to the front to Stalingrad …
Genre scene in a climate of “Eat, drink, smoke lulki, barely not blow the inn, Hi-hi! Ha-ha! Holla! Hola! ”
One of the groups, just as I had hoped, I took in for a snack!

Full spontaneous! I did not have their own sticks, so they fed me with his own – I just had to twist his head like a dog fed. Noi noi!
Oh, and I welded the! Two glasses of water 23%, which assimilated for a good cause – Allah can not see! – More alcohol than I’ve used for 2-3 years, including disinfecting wounds.

EPISODE: a visit to the municipal president eternal birth

One day we were taken out of town and … easy! … Showing the place of birth of the Eternal President.
Lady spoke about the birth parents and the Chief of the big acquisition and engagement. They use these moments so special chant that sounds as if it just had to cry with emotion.

(Posted: by about a tone as here 🙂

EPISODE: Mass Games
Kopara I fell. See for yourself what was the highlight of the whole trip.

This is great. Stop! GI-GAN-STAKE-NY show of acrobats and other circus performers.

The whole space does indeed impressive. I felt and looked like the people who saw the first half zarąbiste UFO in the sky serailu V (1983)

Among the foreign guests were many Chinese people. Therefore, in a few moments on screen with people in the background appear password eternal friendship between peoples,

and then chased after the ball dragons, panda bears, acrobats and all possible Chinese symbols of good luck and prosperity.

The whole spectacle / show raises AUTHENTIC AWE AND FULL estimates! In total, the present scrolls 100 000. All my hikers gathered jaw from the floor, hoping that will improve their own, and not some 90-year old American woman as she sat next to.

EPISODE: walking around the city, but on a leash

A visit to the house of culture:

Hand embroidery

Visit the subway:


In each wagon version hangs ichniejsza image of Our Lady of TW-Ales on his lapel.


The walls of subway stations are decorated with beautiful scenes from the life of the collective farms.

Range store next to the restaurant for foreigners:


Episode: a game of tennis with outwitted Korean Police

One day sightseeing program included a spontaneous stroll in the park.

The program included two iron apogees said spontaneity:
1 A chance encounter doing a photo Suite

2 Observation of spontaneously organized choir who sang a joyful song in a break in your picnic.

However, the best organized itself! Our bus was parked at the sports center. With him were two tennis courts, at that time used.
I responded immediately. I asked our guards … I mean tour guide, you can play with them a while.
Unusual request. Firmly embarrassed, zakotłowały its coils, but then agreed.

I hurried towards the tennis head forward, almost horizontally. Stopped in for a moment to give one wycieczkowcowi camera to snapping as much as possible.

The experiment was a double success!

First of all, a reflection of a few balls did me good – I like to play tennis.
Above all, however (and this was a secret part of my plan) found that playing with me … casual athletes speak English.

So it was an undercover cop, or at least people substitutions and checked 200 times, because normal citizens do not teach foreign languages ​​to the harm they did in my head.


At the end of the stay all the kites down my hand and pocket the desperate victims of the system … I gave with a smile, a political officer at the hotel.

Just kidding. But that’s what she did once Jane Fonda, aka Hanoi Jane, Jane aka Bitch.
Full of finesse even invented American veterans dating to the toilet:

Feel free to shop tutaj..
Non-oriented explained that went with it that Jane was a communist whore bitch. She went again to the North Vietnamese and visited the imprisoned American pilots to give them to film. Aviators for the occasion temporarily adjusted to fine health. She gathered secret messages from … to then visited their eyes give them North Vietnamese guards. More here.Więcej tutaj.
Phew! Fortunately for derision deal with serious cases no working muscled arm did not fall on me to avenge the capitalist antics …. END RELATIONSHIP



* – A paraphrase of part of the book Martin Wolski Fri Agent bottom.

** – Authentic words of the fool who gave the Communists completely wrap up a visit to the Potemkin villages in the Soviet Union. Later became a propaganda mouthpiece Ruthenian chess players and preached the splendor of their ideas.
*** – Humanity did not include torture involving the feeding mode rice breakfast-lunch-dinner. Exactly what I have in Taiwan.

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